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PNC Arena | Raleigh, North Carolina

Kirk Franklin

Fly into the world of uplifting enlightenment with Kirk Franklin arriving at the Raleigh to teach the word of God in the flesh this coming fall on Thursday 26th September 2024 at PNC Arena, North Carolina. Revitalize your connection to the almighty being as Kirk Franklin drives you to a transformative experience with great teachings that will give an atmosphere with a sense of holiness. The holiness blossoms and the devotion will be much stronger as the inspiring sermons wrap the venue with the accompaniment of heart-warming songs, causing a refreshing notion for the devotees on show.

As the event comes with prayers and contemplation, anticipate the uplifting event as Kirk Franklin fortifies faith among those who wish to understand the faith. Feel the sounds of the cherubs and be part of the team as Kirk Franklin offers a safe space for faith and celebrates the teachings of God in a boundless way. Secure the dates and buy your tickets now!

On Thursday 26th September 2024, feel both the strength of intercessions and the soothing energy of music of Kirk Franklin, to be held at the second to none PNC Arena. Setting off on its highly anticipated tour that spreads through the entire country, this life-changing experience will definitely leave you feeling uplifted and poised to deal with any situation on the horizon!

If you're longing for real ties, hope, and a revived sense of direction, this event is your key. Put your faith in us, this will be your moment to connect and improve your relationships on a nourishing Thursday this coming fall.
Expect to hear the healing soundscapes of talented Christian singers, from contemporary worship songs to heartfelt melodies and everything in between. Each act will feature their unique passion to the unrivaled stage, creating a blessed night overflowing with guidance that dive into on messages of reconciliation and resolving tribulations. As this night wraps up, you are guaranteed to have established a reinvigorated outlook and a more resilient spirit.

A considerable number of attendees have expressed the indescribable feeling of becoming one with this moment, departing with a more acute recognition of the divine, now felt more personally than ever before. “I left Kirk Franklin feeling like I could move mountains. The choice of music was incredible, the lingering message was powerful, and the sense of community was overwhelming. It was truly a spiritual awakening that I would recommend for those seeking spiritual guidance.”

We're excited to help you spread the word! So, remember to call upon your most cherished individuals and drop by the North Carolina stage to partake in a night of praise. Fear not, the atmosphere at the second to none PNC Arena is inclusive, serving as an avenue for the most authentic connections. Embrace the movement and begin revitalizing your spirit - reserve your seats to Kirk Franklin LIVE on Thursday 26th September 2024 today!

Kirk Franklin at PNC Arena

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